Web Development Advanced : Build Real World Projects

Embark on a full-stack adventure in this course, where you’ll master both frontend and backend development by creating three dynamic projects: a Ticket Booking platform, a Spotify clone, and an E-commerce site. Dive into real-world scenarios and level up your Skills. Enrol Now.

Course Overview

In this course we will dive deep into Full stack realm & cover both frontend & backend stack by building 3 Real world Projects namely a ticket booking platform, a spotify clone and an E commerce platform. Although this course begins with the fundamentals of backend development, a basic understanding of React and its core libraries is required. Additionally, a solid grasp of JavaScript is necessary to comprehend ExpressJs and MongoDB. This course is designed for those with some prior experience; thus, beginners in JavaScript or web development may find the content a bit challenging. If you are already familiar with the basics of React and JavaScript, this course will enhance your backend development skills, providing you with the knowledge needed to effectively use ExpressJs and MongoDB in your projects.

Course Objectives

A Ticket Booking Platform (IDIGITAL- Bookshow)
A Spotify Clone
An E commerce Platform

Computer : Windows/Mac
Internet Connection
Basics of Web Development
Basics of React & its libraries
Knowledge of Javascript

React for the (Frontend)
Express for the (Server)
MongoDB for the (Database)
Mongoose as a (Wrapper around MongoDB for JavaScript)

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