Google Ads Mastery

Dive into the most comprehensive Google Ads course with detailed video lessons, offering practical insights for confident management of online advertising.

Course Overview

In my course you will learn everything about Google Ads. I have created video lessons on every campaign and every feature of Google Ads. You will get to see the real practical implementation of how to create each and every campaign and how to use every feature of this product.
This is the most detailed course on Google Ads you will ever find on the internet. I have created different sections based on different topics of Google Ads and in each section, I have gone in-depth into explaining the concept of each feature and how to practically implement it in Google Ads.
This course will give you a 100% understanding of Google Ads and after going through this course you will be capable of applying these concepts in building your own online business or handling Google Ads accounts of your clients.


Course Objectives

Bring Sales, Leads & Website Traffic To Your Online Business
Get In-Depth Knowledge Of Google Ads To Grow Your Online Business
Learn To Create Search Campaigns, Display Campaigns, Setup Conversion Tracking To Boost Sales Of Your Online Business
Show Your Ads On Two Of The Biggest Search Engine In The World - Google
Target Different Types Of Audiences, Demographics, Content To Reach Your Customers

There Is NO Course Requirement Needed For Google Ads
Anybody Who Has A Website, Blog, Facebook Page Can Use Google Ads To Promote Their Business
Anyone With A Laptop, Personal Computer, Tablet Or Smartphone & Internet Connection Can Learn Google Ads

Google Ads Overview, Ad Auction, Google Network, Google Ads Account Structure, Search Campaign Creation
Keyword Research, Keyword Selection, Google Ads Keyword Planner, Negative Keywords, Search Terms
Ads - RSA, DSA, RDA, Call Ad
Ad Extensions - Sitelink, Call, Callout, Structured Snippet, Price, Promo, Lead Form
Keyword Insertion, Countdown, Location Insertion
Bidding - Manual CPC, Maximise Clicks, Maximise Conversions, Maximise Conversion Value, Target CPA, Target ROAS, Target Impression Share, eCPC, CPM, CPV
Conversion Tracking - Website, Phone, App, Import, Conversion Action Sets

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