Excel in sales with our course, emphasizing listening, prescribing solutions, and delivering value, ensuring sales success in any career path.

Course Overview

Navigate the art of ethical sales in any career with our course, emphasizing attentive listening, solution prescription, and customer satisfaction. Salesmanship, a crucial skill transcending job interviews and product selling, is demystified, revealing its ethical and uncomplicated essence. Uncover the secrets to making sales an enriching experience, steering clear of slimy or immoral practices. Whether already in sales or aspiring to a rewarding career, this course promises to elevate your sales prowess within minutes. Discover the transformative potential of effective selling and its intrinsic value for customer delight. Master this valuable skill for a lucrative and enjoyable career, unlocking a pathway to success in any professional journey.

Course Objectives

What is Sales?
Ethics of Sales
Potential of Sales Profession
Side Effects of Sales Profession
Must have skills of Selling
Identify the Prospect
How to convert Cold to Hot?
Objection handling
Make them say YES

Internet connection

Public speaking
Effective communication
Customer Relationship Management
Product And Industry Knowledge
Time Management And Organization

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