An Introduction
How to get started?
Profile Optimisation
Myth breaking
Creating content
Getting clients
LinkedIn growth strategies
Engagement Strategy and Conclusion
Last updated 03/2023
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A course to talk about all things LinkedIn- To master the platform, build a personal brand on it and get clients!

This course includes everything about LinkedIn. From building a basic profile to mastering the platform to building a solid, optimised account and getting clients, this is your one stop to starting out on LinkedIn.

This growth strategies and engagement strategies, this is your ideal course to getting the hacks and tricks that most influencers never share.


1: An Introduction

An introduction to the course, this unit talks about the importance of LinkedIn as a platform, as well as mistakes that individuals make when starting out on social media.

2 : Getting started

Understanding the importance of LinkedIn as a platform, making the most out of it and beginning to create a basic profile on it. With tips and tricks to building a basic profile on LinkedIn, this unit talks about everything around getting started.

3: Profile Optimisation

This unit is all about learning the secrets of getting noticed on LinkedIn. The hidden trick to mastering LinkedIn is profile optimisation and this unit covers everything around it. From optimising your account to presenting yourself in the best way to converting followers and clients, this unit covers it all.

4: Myth Breaking

Myths influence the way we judge the platform and our profile. Through this video, we understand some of the biggest myths around LinkedIn, how they can hinder your growth and how to actually make the most out of these myths even before you start creating content.

5: How to Start Creating Content?

For everyone who is confused on how to create content, this unit covers it all. From niche narrowing, content funnels to creating viral content, this video can be an effective and essential one for beginners in the content creation industry.

6: Getting Clients

Getting clients on LinkedIn is easy. But, starting the process is difficult. This unit will cover everything from understanding the different types of clients to reaching out them, along with tips and hacks to succeed in getting a response and converting the lead. With various approaches to getting clients, this video is all about lead generation. 

7: LinkedIn Growth Strategies

Growth on LinkedIn is not very difficult if you know the growth strategies. This unit has it all. With tried and tested successful growth strategies, this unit will help everyone to learn how to grow rapidly and consistently on LinkedIn.

8: Engagement Strategy

Engaging with others on LinkedIn to build a community, collaborate and learn from others along with also get potential clients is extremely important. This unit talks about the engagement strategy that you could use to master community building and personal branding on LinkedIn.

What Will I Learn?
  • To master the platform Linkedin
  • To Get clients through Linkedin
  • To Build a personal brand using Linkedin
  • Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Basic English Language
Skills covered in this course
  • Personal branding
  • Lead Generation on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn expert
  • Profile Optimization

Palakh Khanna is a 19-year-old Youth Changemaker, Social Entrepreneur, Mentor, Teacher and Environmentalist. A World Record Holder, she is India’s 20 under 20, a Regional Officer for Asia Pacific and the Founder of Break.The.Ice- A UN SDSN Youth member organization that discusses all things taboo.