Blender Megacourse : Learn 3D Modelling, Animation & Character Designing

Explore 3D design professionally with Blender: model interiors,design characters with dynamic lighting, master textures,animations, and LODs. Unleash your creativity confidently. Enrol Now.

Course Overview

Our Blender Megacourse offers a professional yet accessible introduction to 3D design. Delve into the art of modeling for interiors and exteriors, learn captivating lighting techniques for character design,and master materials and textures through baking. Discover the world of animation,rigging, and LODs for optimized creations,while honing your skills in photorealism sculpting. Join us to unlock your creative potential and confidently navigate the realm of 3D design using Blender. 

Course Objectives

Materials & Textures
Character Design
3D Modelling
3D Interior & Exterior Design
Materials & Textures
3D Animations & Rigging

Basic Knowledge of the computer
Blender Software

3D designing
3D Visualisation
3D Art
Graphic Designing

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