Risk Management

Course Overview

Risk Management provides an effective approach to improve decision-making, reduce threats, and increase the probability of the project achieving its cost, time and other objectives.This Course provides a basic understanding of risk management concepts and how to identify, analyse, and mitigate risks. 
This course is designed to cover different areas related to Risk Management. I have designed this course in a simple way that enables you to understand risks and we start the course from the early beginning explaining the definition of risks and how to identify, analyse, mitigate and control risks. 

By completing this course you will have the knowledge of using tools and techniques to identify, analyse, mitigate and control risks in a professional manner.

Course Objectives

What Is Risk Management?
15 Different Types of Risks
Business Insurance & Risk Management
Pro Tips

Smartphone or laptop.
Willingness to learn

Risk management processes
How to create a risk register
Risk mitigation

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