What is freelancing?
Steps For freelance
How to Build a Portfolio
How to Find Clients
Master Strategy and Roadmap for Beginners to Start
Platforms where You Can Start Freelancing
Freelancing With a Mobile Phone
How to Scale and Get Regular Clients
My Freelancing Journey.
Mistakes to Avoid and Tips From My Experince
Last updated 03/2023

This course is a beginner-friendly course. In this course, I will share everything which I have personally experienced and learned in my freelancing journey. In this course you will learn about the following things (Which are must known things for a new freelancer ):

What is Freelancing?

What are the steps to start?

What is the portfolio and how to build one?

How you will get Clients?

A complete Roadmap and master strategy.

Platforms where you can start freelancing.

How to do freelancing if you don’t have a laptop?

How to grow?

My freelancing Journey.

Mistakes to avoid and super tips

What Will I Learn?
Skills covered in this course

Hello, I am Shruti Rajput. A last-year engineering student and a freelancer. I have already taught 1000+ Students how to start freelancing and get financial freedom at an early age. I own a Youtube Channel with 75k+ Subscribers. I am a Freelance Graphic Designer, Canva Coach, Teacher, Youtuber, and most importantly Student. I started my Journey back in 2020 and now I am a Level 2 seller on Fiverr.