Basic To Advanced SEO

Master SEO with our step-by-step training led by international experts. Ideal for digital marketers, bloggers, business owners, and marketing strategists.

Course Overview

Elevate your digital presence with our SEO Training course led by an international expert, guiding you step by step to secure the coveted #1 ranking on Google. From in-depth keyword research to mastering on-page and off-page SEO, delve into the nuances of technical SEO and more. Tailored for digital marketers, agency staff, in-house marketers/SEOs, bloggers, copywriters, business owners, and marketing strategists, this course ensures a comprehensive understanding of SEO strategies, empowering participants to enhance online visibility and drive success in the dynamic digital landscape. Seize the opportunity to learn from a seasoned international trainer and propel your SEO skills to new heights.

Course Objectives

To rank 1 on Google search
On Page & off Page SEO
Technical SEO

Internet Connection
Must Have a Ready Website.
Must Have Knowledge to Write the Content.
Must Have Social Media Business Accounts.

Understanding of how search engines crawl, render and index websites
In-depth keyword research tools with various tools
How to optimise your on-page content to rank well in Google
How to build high quality SEO backlinks that move the needle
Master technical SEO and outsmart your competitors

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