Upcoming Session

Amit Diwan
Founder of Studyopedia| Youtube - 190K Subscribers

Masterclass on Generative AI Chatbots

Mon 27 May at 04:00 PM

AI is taking away your jobs or you can use it as a tool to empower your career? Let's learn this in our Blockbuster session on the topic Masterclass on Generative AI Chatbots by Amit Diwan who is the founder of Studyopedia & have more than 190k Subscribers on Youtube. In this session we will cover all about Chatbots tools like ChatGPT, google gemini, Microsoft copilot, learn how we can give prompts to generate images,logos, write codes,blogs, e- mails etc and lot more. Do not miss the session on coming 27 May 2024 at sharp 4PM.

Past Instructors

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Web Development Trainer
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Mobile Editing Trainer - VN Specialist
Akshay Dhone
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Ex Host- Art Attack India, Disney
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Social Media Marketing

Strategic content creation, analytics, engagement, trends, platform utilisation, advertising, and community building through effective communication

Communication & Public Speaking

Art of communicating ideas confidently, clearly and effectively to the audience.

Personal Branding

A deliberate effort to shape and showcase one's identity, values, and expertise to build a distinct and memorable reputation.

Web Development

The process of creating and maintaining websites.

Interview Preparation

This involves researching, practising, and refining responses to confidently articulate skills and qualifications for a successful job discussion.

Content Creation

The process of ideating, producing, and distributing valuable and relevant information to engage and attract a target audience.


The practice of working independently on a project-by-project basis, offering services to clients or businesses without a long-term commitment.

Mobile Editing

Mobile editing is the process of enhancing and refining visual or textual content using smartphone or tablet applications.